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XR STAGES, ALSO KNOWN AS EXTENDED REALITY STAGES OR MIXED REALITY STAGES, ARE CUTTING-EDGE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS THAT COMBINE PHYSICAL SETS WITH VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY TECHNOLOGIES. THESE STAGES PROVIDE A VERSATILE AND IMMERSIVE PLATFORM FOR CREATING CONTENT THAT SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATES REAL-WORLD AND VIRTUAL ELEMENTS, OPENING UP EXCITING POSSIBILITIES FOR STORYTELLING, LIVE PERFORMANCES, AND INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES. Graymatter Video provides tailor-made XR stage services for a variety of productions. We will take care of the designs and provide all the equipment, knowledge and expertise required to deliver a successful solution. We stock all the necessary equipment including Unreal engines, Disguise video servers, broadcast quality high resolution Roe Visual LED screens, stYpe camera tracking, rigging, and ARRI Skypanel lighting systems.


XR STages

At the core of XR stages is the use of LED walls or screens that surround the physical set. These screens act as canvases onto which virtual environments, backgrounds, and visual effects are projected. By carefully aligning the virtual elements with the physical set and using real-time rendering engines, XR stages create a convincing and cohesive blend of real and digital elements. This immersive environment allows actors and performers to interact with virtual objects, landscapes, or characters, enhancing the overall production quality and visual impact.

XR stages offer several advantages over traditional green screen or blue screen techniques. The real-time rendering capabilities enable instant visual feedback, allowing filmmakers and performers to see the virtual elements in context during the production process. This enhances the actor’s performances, as they can react and interact with the virtual elements as if they were real, resulting in more authentic and compelling performances. Additionally, the ability to capture virtual and physical elements together in-camera reduces the need for extensive post-production work, leading to cost and time savings.

Moreover, XR stages provide a highly flexible and adaptable production environment. Virtual sets and environments can be easily changed or adjusted on the fly, enabling filmmakers to create diverse locations and atmospheres without the need for extensive physical set construction or location shoots. This versatility allows for rapid production turnarounds, efficient use of resources, and the ability to create visually stunning and imaginative worlds that would be challenging or costly to achieve using traditional methods.

In summary, XR stages offer a groundbreaking production approach that combines physical sets with virtual and augmented reality technologies. By seamlessly integrating real and virtual elements, these stages provide immersive environments for storytelling, live performances, and interactive experiences. With their real-time rendering capabilities, versatility, and enhanced production workflows, XR stages have the potential to revolutionize the way content is created, offering limitless possibilities for creative expression and captivating visual experiences.