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Create dynamic worlds with our virtual production solutions

Virtual production technology has emerged as a revolutionary approach to filmmaking and content creation, combining real-time computer graphics with live-action elements to create immersive and dynamic visual experiences.

By leveraging advanced technologies such as virtual reality (vr), augmented reality (ar), and real-time rendering engines, virtual production studios allow filmmakers to bring virtual environments, characters, and effects to life on set, in real-time.

Graymatter Video provides end-to-end turnkey services for the delivery of very specific virtual production solutions. We stock all the necessary equipment including Unreal engines, Disguise video servers, broadcast quality high resolution Roe Visual LED screen, stYpe camera tracking, rigging, and ARRI Skypanel lighting systems.


Virtual production

One of the key advantages of virtual production is the ability to create highly realistic and detailed virtual sets and environments. Using VR and AR technologies, filmmakers can immerse themselves and the actors in virtual worlds that seamlessly blend with the physical elements on set. This enables more efficient and creative production processes, as filmmakers can make real-time adjustments, experiment with different lighting and camera angles, and preview how the final shots will look, all within the virtual environment.

Another significant aspect of virtual production is the integration of virtual and live-action elements. With the use of motion capture technology and real-time rendering engines, virtual characters and objects can interact with live actors and physical props in real-time. This integration allows for more seamless and interactive storytelling, as filmmakers can see the virtual elements in context with the live-action performances, enabling better visual continuity and enhancing the overall production value.

Moreover, virtual production offers benefits in terms of cost and time efficiency. By visualizing and refining scenes in real-time, filmmakers can make informed decisions on set, reducing the need for extensive post-production work or costly reshoots. The ability to quickly iterate and experiment with different creative choices in the virtual environment streamlines the production process, saving both time and resources.

In summary, virtual production is a groundbreaking approach that merges real-time computer graphics with live-action filmmaking. By creating immersive virtual environments, integrating virtual and live-action elements, and streamlining the production process, virtual production enables filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life with greater efficiency, realism, and interactivity. This transformative technique has the potential to revolutionize the way films, television shows, and other visual content are produced, offering new possibilities for storytelling and visual experiences.