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System Design

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Creating captivating visual experiences for live events and installations requires careful planning and an understanding of the unique challenges and requirements involved.

Graymatter hold the crucial skills necessary to design a reliable and immersive video system that seamlessly integrates with the event or installation environment.

Our process begins with understanding the specific objectives of the event or installation. By identifying the desired visual impact, audience size, venue layout, and technical requirements, our designers can tailor the video system to meet the specific demands of the project.


System design

Next, we consider the technical aspects of video system design. We cover key components such as cameras, video mixers, projectors, LED displays, video servers, and control systems, discussing their features, capabilities, and considerations for optimal performance in live event and installation settings.

Furthermore, we consider the importance of video signal routing and distribution, emphasising the need for reliable signal paths and scalability to accommodate complex setups and large-scale events. We factor signal transmission technologies, such as HDMI, SDI, and IP-based solutions, and highlights the significance of redundancy and backup systems to ensure uninterrupted video playback.

Additionally, we address the crucial aspect of content management and integration. We explore methods for content creation, storage, and playback, including media servers, content management systems, and synchronisation techniques, to ensure seamless coordination between video elements and other event components.

Lastly, we consider the requirements for video system control and monitoring, emphasising the significance of user-friendly interfaces, automation, and real-time feedback to enable efficient operation and troubleshooting during live events and installations.