HP Omen


The fifth annual OMEN Challenge was held with the support of OMEN by HP, with eight players competing for a prize pool of $50,000. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament featured 1-on-1 matches and four-player deathmatches. The event went above and beyond the traditional esports tournament format, offering a battle arena with a unique and immersive stage and content.


The production team overcame a number of challenges for this project, the main one concerning the sheer novelty of the technologies in use. “What we created had never been done before in this way,” Oliver points out. “On top of that, the game was live streamed and super fast: These were some of the best OMEN players in the world, and there wasn’t room for error.” They had to pull data out of live matches fast, to visualise for the broadcast while implementing AR and MR designs in-camera for the viewers. Since they worked with cutting-edge technology, there was a lot of testing required to fulfil the brief.


The show used four disguise gx 2c media servers as well as two gx 1 media servers, acting as master and understudy. To power the game rendering and control, plus manage the game data, six TouchDesigner machines were used with custom code written to control the game engine.