Dr. Who immersive installation


Graymatter were tasked with conceptualising, designing and implementing a complicated immersive experience that would plunge you right into the middle of the Dr. Who universe. The immersive theatrical adventure had the Dr. Who fans at the heart and needed the expertise of an experienced team.


The Graymatter Team faced numerous challenges while designing and implementing this immersive experience, The experience devised consisted of 4 different simultaneous storylines that had to be meticulously and seamlessly woven together to make sure the fans would truly be immersed into the world of Dr Who. The experience also consisted of multiple scenes that each needed in depth planning and execution to the highest standard to achieve the results required.


This immersive experience was built to last for many years. So with that in mind, the expert programmers and system designers at Graymatter video employed their wealth of knowledge to create a truly immersive experience, deploying the latest Disguise GX servers and an array of Datapath FX4s to facilitate each story line and scene simultaneously with ease.