Bam Bam Publicis


Working for Bam Bam Productions Graymatter was briefed with designing and providing a full production for a launch event for Publicis at the Shoreditch Town Hall. This event spanned over multiple levels and each part of the building should be used to create an engaging and fun experience for the client and their attendees.


The Graymatter Team encountered numerous challenges throughout this project, including complicated logistical schedules that would have to be expertly managed to ensure the event ran on time in accordance with the client. The Graymatter Team designed and built an efficient technical system across all disciplines that needed to meet the client’s vision and integrate different control aspects across multiple levels. Graymatter and its team of specialists devised a plan that would logistically and technically work.


We deployed an extensive amount of lighting products throughout the building to engage the audience and create an atmosphere the client was delighted with. Graymatter used the latest technologies to provide video playback system, online live interviews from across the world, through to projection, LED and Screen management. We also provided our Broadcast PPU with 4K cameras to capture the live event and footage for a highlights reel.